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The orthopedic specialists at the Bone and Joint Institute have expertise in treating a wide range of shoulder problems. We have a team of specialty trained physicians, physician assistant and nurses that have had experience in diagnosing and treating all shoulder conditions including: 90 percent of patients with shoulder pain will respond to simple treatment methods such as altering activities, rest, exercise, and medication. Sometimes a surgery may be required at some point. The most commonly performed outpatient procedures involving the shoulder include open and complete arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. New techniques in arthroscopic surgery enable physicians to treat upper extremity disorders that traditionally meant years of intensive pain and dysfunction. Now using arthroscopy, the majority of the pain can be gone the next day. The goal of the shoulder surgeons is to achieve the same results as major surgery with less invasive operations that are not as painful and which provide quicker recovery and better return of mobility.

Open surgical procedures can sometimes be the only way to treat the problem. They may include things such as revision rotator cuff repair, and total shoulder replacement. When these procedures are the last option for you and your physician you can be reassured that the care you will receive excellent care from the physicians at the Bone and Joint Institute.