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joint resurfacing

The Total Knee

The surgeons perform Total Knee Resurfacing using the Ascent™ knee system. The technique of knee surfacing uses implants that resurface damaged cartilage of the knee joint. Knee implants are designed to enable you to regain function in your knee. Stair climbing, rising from a seat and even walking can be restored, while pain is significantly decreased or completely eliminated. The Ascent knee can help you return to a more active lifestyle.

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The Total Hip

The hip implant choice of The Bone and Joint Institute is the Taperloc® Hip System. The implant is designed to help optimize the transfer of bone-preserving stress from the implant to the bone. This is important because the transfer of stress can help keep the thighbone healthy and strong. A strong thighbone can help keep the implant stable and can also minimize or eliminate implant loosening and pain.

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