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rapid recovery hip and knee program

The Rapid Recovery Hip and Knee Replacement Program is a program, which will allow a patient to return to work in two weeks. Although this is not for every patient, many of our young patients can benefit from this program.

Total hip and knee replacement has proven to be an extremely reliable procedure in patients with osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, eliminating the patient's pain and allowing them more freedom of movement. While surgery was traditionally limited to seniors in the over-65 age group, younger patients occasionally will undergo total hip and knee replacement for end-stage hip and knee osteoarthritis or other diseases of the joints.

One of the drawbacks to total hip and knee replacement is that the patient has traditionally been required to rehabilitate the operated hip and knee for four to six weeks, remaining on crutches or a walker for this time. With the Rapid Recovery Hip and Knee Program, patients can return to work after two weeks and the recovery is much abbreviated.
New materials and implant designs are now available that allows is to use a surgical approach that is functionally less invasive. This does not necessarily mean that the incision is smaller, but the approach affect muscles and other tissues less than a traditional approach. This enables patients to recover more quickly and return to their pre-operative level of functioning much sooner.

This program is, unfortunately, not for everyone. The criteria include strong bones, general good health, and other factors. Please call to inquire more on this procedure and see if it is right for you.