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patient success story

Robert Hustedt, a young and energetic 51 year old farmer from Watseka, Illinois suffered from pain and stiffness in his hip for quite some time. Although he was hesitant to have surgery because of his young age and extremely active work in farming nearly 2000 acres of land in Northern Illinois, he visited several physicians to see what hip options were. All the physicians wanted to wait until the technology improved before replacing Mr. Hustedt's hip. But because the pain was limiting his active lifestyle, Mr. Hustedt persisted in seeking out a reputable orthopedic physician.

He was finally referred to Dr. Joseph J. Williams in St. Louis, Missouri by his nephew, Gary Meyer, a registered physical therapist. After discussing the latest technology and new orthopedic developments, Robert Hustedt decided to go ahead with the hip replacement surgery with Dr. Joseph Williams in St. Louis.

Mr. Hustedt received a metal on metal hip replacement. His implant has a large metal articulation which is metal on metal with a forced ingrowth. The bone grows into the porous cup as well as the stem. Metal on metal hip replacements feature a metal ball that moves against the metal cup. This metal cup provides the additional resistance to wear. In laboratory testing, all metal components facilitate 99 percent reduction over a polyethylene component. Traditionally, hip replacements feature a metal ball that moves against a polyethylene cup. The metal on metal components are clinically proven, with use in the study of orthopedics for over 35 years.

Newer manufacturing technologies have provided greater ability and have given renewed interest in the metal on metal components. Metal on metal components reduce wear. They also provide a higher degree of flexibility, greater range of motion, and increased stability. Thus, there is less worry about dislocations of the hip. The large range of sizing offered in this line of metal on metal hips also allows the physician to better replicate the patient's anatomy. The features and benefits of this hip replacement make it a great alternative for young and active hip candidates.

Since there are only a few orthopedic surgeons doing this particular type of surgery and Mr. Hustedt was not able to find any physicians in Northern Illinois, he stated that it was worthwhile to go to Dr. Joseph Williams in St. Louis to get the metal on metal articulation. Mr. Hustedt had only a short hospital stay and was able to complete his recovery back in his home in Northern Illinois with home physical therapy and home health care. Then, he followed up with physical therapy as an outpatient.

Mr. Hustedt is now able to walk without pain or a limp. He has full range of motion in his hips and is able to get on and off his tractors as many times as he needs to. A short time after his total hip replacement, he spread 1100 acres of anhydrous ammonia and then planted 1550 acres of corn with no hip pain. He has done extremely well due to the new technology, the new developments in hip surgery, and the large metal on metal hip replacement surgery. He appreciates his pain-free lifestyle and his ability to do what he loves, including farming.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Joseph Williams and the latest orthopedic developments, please call us at 314-966-6480 or email us at