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patient success story

New Surgical Procedure Allows Full Recovery

By Tricia Beelman

Glen Foster, a 72 year old gentleman from Ellington, MO, experienced instant lower back pain after an accident with his cows on his farm. X-rays revealed a compression fracture of his spine and he was advised to be on bed rest immediately. After several days of severe, unbearable back pain, he decided something must be done.

After an examination by Dr. Joseph J. Williams, Foster was admitted to Des Peres Hospital for pain control and physical therapy. Knowing that he could not live with this type of pain, Foster agreed a kyphoplasty would be his best option.

Dr. Williams performed the kyphoplasty on Foster in December of 2001 and within a week he was doing markedly better with very little pain to report. Just six weeks after the surgery, Foster's pain was completely relieved and he was back to tending his farms and his cows even more successfully than he had done in the past.

Dr. Williams has only been performing kyphoplasties for a couple of years, but this is a procedure that has proved to be extremely successful and rewarding. A spinal fracture is almost impossible to bear, but with the expertise of Dr. Williams and his medical staff, one can overcome the pain and return to their normal life.