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foot and ankle

From acquired foot problems, to deformities, to foot trauma, the Bone and Joint Institute foot and ankle specialists are dedicated to treating a wide array of foot and ankle problems, including: Treatment of any of these problems can range from an orthotic in a shoe to modern surgical techniques. Many of the treatments are performed on an outpatient basis, but before any commitments must be made, our physicians will conduct a thorough examination to determine which source of treatment would be most suitable for the individual patient.

Non-surgical Techniques - Non-surgical approaches include orthotics, braces, or shoe modification, which are only a few ways of naturally straightening and correcting misaligned joints. Physical therapy is another form of non-surgical treatment and depending on the complications or individual, can often be performed at home. The majority of foot and ankle rehabilitation occurs in an outpatient setting, with a focus on regaining range of motion, strengthening the foot and ankle, and correcting any problems. Therapy modalities, such as ice massage or ultrasound, may be used to manage pain.

Surgical Techniques - Diagnostic and treatment protocols cover the entire spectrum of medical problems when dealing with the foot and ankle. Both conservative and invasive procedures are performed, depending on the severity of the condition. Our goal is to provide an individualizes program that will assist the patient in regaining full mobility with a minimal recovery period.