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About Custom Fit Knee™ Replacement

Joseph Williams, M.D. is pleased to be among the first surgeons in the St. Louis area to offer Custom Fit Knee™ Replacement with OtisKnee™. Using this new technique, Dr. Williams can now match the fit and placement of the total knee implant to the patient's unique anatomy.

Why is this important? Because everyone's knees are different. These differences, determined by factors such as age, gender, ethnicity and lifestyle, can have a tremendous impact on the success of knee replacement surgery. Just slight variations in the way the implant fits can lead to pain, stiffness, instability and potentially shorter implant life.

With OtisKnee, surgeons can preserve more of the patient's own bone and ligaments, which allows for better implant fit and knee alignment. This means that patients have the opportunity to experience a more "natural" feeling knee, greater range of motion and a quicker return to normal activities.

Click here to see how OtisKnee works.

For more information on Custom Fit Knee replacement with OtisKnee, contact us at (314) 966-6480 or visit

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