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How It Works: Custom Fit Knee™ Replacement

Custom Fit Knee Replacement with OtisKnee™ is done in a few simple steps.

Step 1: An MRI is performed to take very precise measurements of the patient's own knee.

Step 2: Special computer software uses the MRI to build a 3-D model of that patient's arthritic knee. It then virtually corrects the deformity to restore the knee anatomy to normal.

Step 3: A computerized 3-D image of the implant to be used in the patient's surgery is then ShapeMatched™ to the anatomically correct model. This helps determine the exact size and placement of the implant, based on the patient's own "normal" anatomy.

Step 4: Using all of this information, special OtisKnee cutting guides are then created for the surgeon to use during the procedure.

The Result: A custom fit knee replacement designed specifically for the individual patient.

For more information on Custom Fit Knee replacement with OtisKnee, contact us at (314) 966-6480 or visit

Custom Fit Knee™ Replacement, OtisKnee™ and Shape-Match™are registered trademarks of OtisMed Corporation.