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St. Louis, MO's Arthritis
& Joint Replacement Specialists

Bone and Joint Institute is committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care possible. Along with the treatment of immediate or chronic problems, we strive to integrate the doctrine of prevention in all our treatment plans as a way to alleviate possible future difficulties.

We are pleased to have you as a patient. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact our office and our trained staff will assist you in any way possible.

Orthopedic Innovations

The GetAroundKnee™

The Stryker GetAroundKnee™ is designed to replace the knee's naturally circular motion unlike traditional knee replacement. Don't just replace your knee, replace the way your knee moves.
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Professional Golfer Fred Funk Knee Replacement Patient

Professional Golfer Fred Funk discusses how the Stryker GetAroundKnee™ has impacted his every day life and career.
Learn More » With a Triathlon Custom Fit Knee® featuring ShapeMatch® Technology, the knee implant can be fit to your unique anatomy. Pre-surgical planning allows your surgeon to use ShapeMatch® Technology during your procedure.

Mobile Bearing Hip™ Replacement

With over 250,000 hip replacement surgeries performed in the United States each year, you are certainly in good company. The high success rate associated with total hip replacement has helped millions of people return to their more active lifestyles.
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Dr. Williams continues to hold seminars in the St. Louis area.

To learn more of our upcoming seminars or to request patient educational content, please call our office at (314) 966-6480 or (800) 718-0054.

Our Specialties Include