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The Bone and Joint Institute is a group of orthopaedic surgeons practicing at several hospitals in the St. Louis, Missouri area.

The Bone and Joint physicians are a team with extensive medical experience that provides them with unparalleled medical and surgical skill. This skill, coupled with the quality of implants used and a highly qualified support staff, helps promote a successful and rewarding surgical outcome.

Specializing in:

General Orthopaedics

Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

Total Joint Replacement

Shoulder Surgery

Foot and Ankle

Please see Patient Education for information on your specific condition

Custom Fit Knee™ Replacement

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The Oxford® Partial Knee

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Vanguard™ Complete Knee System

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M2a-Magnum™ Large Metal Articulation

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The Rapid Recovery Hip and Knee Program™ use less invasive surgical approaches that enable certain patients to recover more quickly.
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A procedure for patients with loss of ankle function that returns some freedom of movement.
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